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“I speak for both Luna & myself when I say we’re really thankful for Anna for all the precious time spent
with us and her excellent tips, thanks to which we now better understand our dog and know how to
train and build a strong relationship with her effectively.
Anna has a great talent for dogs and her easy-to-understand methods are the best I’ve seen.
We already have seen a remarkable difference in Luna (she had major problems with Resource Guarding and focusing on us).
The wisdom & experiences which Anna shared with us are priceless. These were some fantastic meetings.
We learned a lot as dog owners from Anna thanks to her patient attitude and her willingness to answer
every possible question we had (which was a lot).”

Greg, Margaret & Luna

“I heartily recommend! In my case, I needed training more than my dog and I received help tailored to our needs and characters! I highly recommend it and I would love to continue working with this great trainer!”

Monika & Cucumber

“Would highly recommend Anna from the Gentle’s dog’s club. She was brilliant with our pet as well as us new pet owners. We found the one-on-one training very informative and Anna gave us lots of time. Best of luck Anna”


Millie and the McCormacks

“We really enjoyed Anna’s approach to training our puppy and us (!), she is very knowledgable and patient. We’ve seen great progress in our puppy’s behavior and she is much more disciplined and relaxed. Thank you very much Anna for your help.”


Pat & Laika

“I really enjoyed our Training sessions and Willow has really improved as a result. I am also much more aware of how to react in various situations. We are continuing your good work and we are doing mostly well. 

Thank you so much for your patience with us and giving us lots of useful behavioural tips. You have a very good instinct for what you do and I would have no hesitation in recommending you as a Trainer.”


Patricia & Willow

“Anna has been an amazing trainer for Luna and myself. She is extremely patient, flexible, and very clear when explaining the commands. I would not hesitate to reach out to her. Your life and your pups will def change for the better. It is incredible
the difference before and after taking the lessons. 

Thank you so so much Anna! You’ve been amazing throughout this journey and we’re very grateful!”

Melisa & Luna

“My little dog Spot is a rescue dog, he is 7 and has a few anxieties about being alone.! Since Working with Anna and following her program Spot has become a more confident little dog 🐕. Spot used to be afraid of the level crossing with the noise of the trains, now Spot chooses to walk this way.”


Deirdre & Spot

“Absolutely amazing experience! Finished training some time ago, but with the homework emails on hand kept working with Toffee. He learned with me together how to become a better dog! Flexibility around my work schedule was amazing and Anna is fantastic! Could not ask for better training experience! Thank you!”


Gunta & Toffee

“We did the puppy principle training with our puppy Loki and learned so much! Anna has a wealth of knowledge and put our minds at ease by giving us lots of tips and answering all our questions. Loki learned a huge amount during these sessions and they’re a great investment for when you have a new pet. Thanks again Anna!”


Lotta & Loki

“Really enjoyed the training sessions. Having started with a dog who was extremely nervous, would snap at everything within range and think busses were fair game, after four training sessions and some homework we can now walk Millie without having to be concerned about her reaction to other dogs and people. Sessions were very well structured and follow-up emails were extremely comprehensive and would make a great training manual in their own right. An A+ for patience with the dog (and the owners) and flexibility shown around training hours and inevitable Covid arrangements was also very much appreciated.
Can and will definitely recommend your services to anybody and for any dog. Thanks Anna.”

Tom & Millie

“The pure professionalism of Anna, her patience with my dog and even more so with me. I would recommend them to everyone.”


Joan & Polly

“Anna is an amazing dog trainer. We did training with our puppy Osha, who was being a bit of a handful and her behaviour has improved a lot. Anna is so calm, knowledgeable and understanding and Osha absolutely loves her. Highly recommend!”


Katie & Osha

“Anna’s knowledge and professionalism are incredible. She pays attention to every detail and is open to accommodate any ask. Highly recommended.”


Ewa & Nela

“Hello Anna, We had a fantastic final session today. It was a pleasure gaining the knowledge and skills to train Rusty and Myself. I enjoyed how you taught me to relax in stressful situations and to have fun and enjoy the walks whilst learning new things. Rusty is a more relaxed dog because of it and his attention is much better.
I will enjoy enforcing the skills and tricks on a continuous basis for years to come.
What made it more helpful also was easy to follow steps and explanations you gave by email after each session for me to practice with Rusty in between sessions.
Thank you so much ❤

Aine and Rusty

“Anna is a fantastic dog trainer. She worked with us and our dog, Benny , for 5 sessions to help build his confidence and control his reactive behavior. He absolutely loved the training and has come on leaps and bounds over the last few weeks. I’d highly recommend Anna to anyone , she really knows her stuff”


Lisa & Benny

“Can’t thank Anna enough for training our puppy Bobby, she’s been so loving and patient since the beginning and is clearly good at what she does. Bobby graduated yesterday from his puppy training courses and is so good at home, and more importantly at work when I bring him to the office. Thanks again Anna, we really appreciate the training and your love for Bobby!!”


Fiona, James & Bobby

“We would highly recommend Anna for dog training, or rather, “human” training! We really enjoyed Anna’s approach as she made it easy for us to understand and of course having some fun along the way! Her follow up instructions were very thorough. Our only wish is we found her sooner!”


Alan & Sanxo

“With our recent addition Sasha we required extensive intervention as she had
come from a rescue centre, on a fostering basis, and had some personality quirks
that needed to be managed to enable us to either keep her or make her more
adoptable for another family. Anna observed Sasha and provided a structured course
of activities to improve her behaviour and make walking her a more pleasant
experience. Sasha has improved remarkably in a short period under Anna’s guidance and I feel I have improved as a pet owner as well. I think the process is well structured with excellent feedback and Anna’s positive reinforcement of the efforts of both the dog and the owner help keep you motivated.”


 Eddie & Sasha

“Just want to say thanks for all help with millie you wer fantastic my dad and millie loved the training 100 per cent recommend u guys xxx “


Allie, Gerard & Millie

“Our dog, Shadow, is already a proud member of the Gentle Dog’s Club 🙂
Ania, GDC owner, has provided great help in every aspect mentioned by owners of other member dogs 🙂 – she is a ‘natural’ when it comes to understanding dogs. Thank you so much Ania!”

Sylwia, Michal & Shadow

“Anna is an outstanding person who is kind, caring, intelligent and one of the best dog trainers around. She takes wonderful care of dogs. Highly recommend.”


Joseph Patrick John Kelly

“Anna has been a godsend for us. She is a warm and caring lady and rather than training our pup, Maggie, Anna has trained us! We have gone from basic training to Maggie walking loose leash, to Anna giving us the confidence to walk Maggie off-leash and much much more, in just a few short weeks! The training is so positive and is such fun that it doesn’t feel like training at all. Maggie loves Anna, so much so that Maggie has been known to cry when the training sessions are over! We couldn’t recommend Anna highly enough and indeed have recommended her to family and friends.”


Maggie and The Family

“Anna is a wonderful trainer, highly skilled, patient and kind. Her training techniques are both scientifically proven and positive. I would highly recommend Anna “


Anne Brennan

“Your encouragement means a lot to me. You are exactly the kind of trainer I was looking for, Anna so thank you very, very much for all the time you give Max and I and all the follow up support.  I’ve been singing your praises to all the dog people I know. You have given me hope and confidence to deal with Max. Best wishes”


Elizabeth & Max

“I’d like to start by saying, thank you very much! The puppy course definitely met my expectations and more! It was an overall amazing experience, learning how to bond with my puppy through training and how to socialise  :)”


 Armando & Thor

“I found the training sessions with Anna extremely useful.  Her willingness to come to the house for our sessions was invaluable as it meant we could work on the behaviours in context.  Anna’s expertise in training and positive reinforcement was very evident as we broke down each behavioural trigger and she helped me to understand how to consolidate progress in each element to make sure changes would be sustainable.  The templates she provided to allow us to record the process were helpful to ensure that we were building new positive responses step-by-step.

Anna manages the two students in her sessions very well, encouraging the human client in their efforts as much as the dog, which is important in a learning process that requires patience and willingness to sometimes take a step back to before moving forward again.

I will definitely use Anna again in my training journey with my enthusiastic and sometimes high maintenance cocker spaniel who loved the ‘chicken lady’ who came with lots of treats and praise as well as a clear focus on our learning agenda.  I would highly recommend Gentle Dog’s Club services to anyone who wants to live in calmer harmony with their family pet by learning effective ways to manage and eliminate disruptive behaviours.”


Ina & Scout

“Very detailed training sessions with lots of additional readings and programs outside the hourly sessions. Very knowledgeable trainer.”


Paul, Suzanne & Koda

“Very friendly and professional at the same time!!!”


Ana Maria & Cooper

“Highly recommend! My puppy loved the training and so did I! 🙂🐾 fixed so many little puppy problems…fantastic”


Miriam & Buster

“I highly recommend the Gentle Dog’s Club. We completed the Gentle Apprentice course recently with our four month old cockerspaniel. We really enjoyed the training sessions and they brought out the best in our puppy. We continue to use the detailed homework sheets that Anna personalised to our needs. Our puppy was a real handful – he is now calm and focused at home and loves his daily training sessions with us.

Thank you so much Anna 🙂🐕‍🦺”


Tracy, Anthony, Sara & Ollie

“The love, care and attention Anna gives to both my dogs is exceptional. We have worked with Anna for day care, overnight boarding and her Obedience Class. All of which have been outstanding. I cannot recommend Anna highly enough. I recently got a second dog, a gorgeous little rescue who came to us terrified of life. Doing the Obedience Class with Anna allowed us to learn and bond in a fun and loving environment. Anna is always available to answer any questions I may have too. I trust Anna and really recommend her services. 👍

Babs, Samson & Evie

“Anna is a wonderful dog trainer who perfectly understood my dog needs. PJ is little difficult, suffers from epilepsy and separation anxiety issues. Anna has excellent knowledge about dog’s behaviour and can address different issues quickly. I can’t say enough good things about Anna. She is a true professional. She is a natural with dogs providing them with all the love and attention they need. I can truly recommend Anna and her services. I haven’t met better dog trainer, and I highly doubt I ever will.

Thank you Anna! 🙏😊😊😊


Natalia & PJ

“My dog learned to catch a frisbee in the air as opposed to off the ground lol 😉  – something I could never get him to do right so far! – so I was delighted with his progress! I highly recommend Anna also because, as dog behaviourist, she can tell a dog’s state of mind and is able to act accordingly – so so special! Anna’s knowledge and ability to explain difficult terms and concepts of dog behaviour and training have been of exceptional value for me over the years and I know I can always rely on her for help and advice whatever the issue may be (and there have been MANY as I serve as a foster home too to many dogs and I can thank Anna any more for her time, commitment, support and never ending patience!!! Thanks again!”


Nina & Zephyr

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