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How much stress and frustration does ignoring your dog's behaviour challenges cost you every day?

Does it sound familiar?

I believe every dog guardian deserves effective and efficient dog training guidance to prevent and resolve behaviour challenges and finally enjoy their beloved pet.

Hi! I'm Anna, a dog trainer who specialises in unfolding the gentle side of dogs.

I remember the feeling of envy every time I was passing another better behaved dog on a walk and wondering why mine can’t be like that… and how powerless it felt during long nights of online research trying to find a solution… I lived it first hand, so I more than get it.

Since then, after 10+ years of helping hundreds of clients and foster dogs become gentle family members, I’ve learned what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to training a pet companion dog in the modern busy world – The Gentle Dog Training Method has been developed to help busy dog parents just like you fast track their dog’s training journey.

And I’m confident I can get those results for you too.

What Our Clients Can Expect From Us

Avoid Unvetted Training Techniques

We use only positive science-based training methods with explanation of why & how it works so you don't need to worry about using punitive methods unknowingly.

Teach Your Dog to Think, not to obey

Your dog will learn to make good decisions so you can finally relax rather than be telling them what to do every 2 minutes.

Resolve Causes, not only Symptoms

With our unique holistic approach to resolving behaviour challenges, you get the power back knowing how to resolve both the underlying causes as well as symptoms of behaviour issues without any overwhelm.

Go as Fast or as Deep as You Need

Our complete step-by-step training content and vetted training plans guarantee that your time and effort will get you the results you are looking for - you can focus on one area first or introduce a few life skills at once.

Meet your shortcut to a dream dog …

The Gentle Dog Training Process:

Step 1: Choose Your Training Programme

Decide which training format is the best for you and your dog - either behaviour modification or learning new life skills and private or group setting.

Step 2: We Will Work the Magic Together

We will guide you through our step-by-step process. You will eliminate the root causes of the behaviour challenges and will execute the training goals.

Step 3: Enjoy the Happy Ever After

Get your best smile ready as the praises start to roll in, while you finally get your life back knowing your dog is happy and works with you as a team.

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Are We a Good Fit?

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Ready to Get Started? 

What our clients are saying.

Whether it’s starting to enjoy walking their dogs, beginning to understand what their dogs are trying to communicate, stopping destructive behaviours or being able to go out and enjoy themselves knowing their dog is happy staying at home,
our clients are finally enjoying their dog’s company!

So what do YOU dream of being able to enjoy doing with your dog?

“Absolutely amazing experience! Finished training some time ago, but with the homework emails on hand kept working with Toffee. He learned with me together how to become a better dog! Flexibility around my work schedule was amazing and Anna is fantastic! Could not ask for better training experience! Thank you!”


Gunta & Toffee

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“Anna is an amazing dog trainer. We did training with our puppy Osha, who was being a bit of a handful and her behaviour has improved a lot. Anna is so calm, knowledgeable and understanding and Osha absolutely loves her. Highly recommend!”




Katie & Osha

Job Title or City

“We would highly recommend Anna for dog training, or rather, “human” training! We really enjoyed Anna’s approach as she made it easy for us to understand and of course having some fun along the way! Her follow up instructions were very thorough. Our only wish is we found her sooner!”



Alan & Sanxo

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What you get when working with us?

To get all this and more…

5 Gentle Dog Training Principles That Will Set You & Your Dog Up For The Rest of Your Lives

“You won’t want to miss out on these actionable training tips!”