“There is a gentle soul in every dog, sometimes hidden deep underneath all conditioning they have experienced.
My role is to help you unfold it piece by piece, one behaviour challenge at a time so you get to experience all the blessings of living with the human’s best friend.”

Anna Tataruch Krawczyk

Gentle Dog's Club is where dogs learn be gentle.

Hi! I’m Anna, a dog trainer who specialises in unfolding the gentle side of dogs. 

I have over 12 years of hands-on dog training experience leading & designing group obedience & speciality courses for dogs of all ages and proficiency levels, as well as vast experience working with rescue and foster dogs to bring the best dog training solutions to you.

As true for many trainers, I met a dog, The Dog, a severely reactive rescue pitbull-type named Teddy, who came into my life as a foster dog and ended up changing my whole life. I’ve experienced first-hand what it means to live with a dog with severe behavioural challenges. I know the stress it puts on a family when a dog turns your life upside down. But I also know what it takes to successfully modify a dog’s behaviour. The relationship it builds in the process is priceless.

Since then, I stayed true to my love of helping rescue dogs by providing training advice. 

I share home and my heart with a charismatic cat Franky and a super-smart collie Luna, who trained as a Search & Rescue Dog and worked as a Therapy Dog in the local Care Center.

I’m a true believer in continuous development and currently study at Jean Donaldson’s Academy for Dog Trainers and await certification by CCPDT. I’m a trained Canine First Responder and regularly attend seminars and training, but most of all I continue improving my training methods with hands-on experience.

So if you are ready to smile internally with an overwhelming sense of pride when other dog walkers admire how well-behaved your dog is, you want to gain confidence with a new level of understanding of how behaviour works and amaze yourself with effortless communication with your dog, book the training today.

It takes only one Yes! at a time to see massive improvements right away.

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Gentle Dog Training Method

The Gentle Way is a pragmatic way to further your dog training goals – you can expect no unnecessary fluff and no unnecessary exercises. My goal is for you to achieve your training goals as fast as possible so you can get your life back – then you can add the additional tricks if you wish to 🙂 

5 Gentle Dog Training Principles That Will Set You & Your Dog Up For The Rest of Your Lives

“You won’t want to miss out on these actionable training tips!”